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Project Description
Project is simple batch file which will build BizTalk solution using BizTalk Commands. Customize it to use it with your solution and projects. Happy BizTalking!

I have been working in IT industry for more than 10 years. From those 10 years I have considerable amount of time on BizTalk. BizTalk has evolved from 2004 to 2013. Microsoft has provided different utilities along with setup and has integrated a lot of thing in Visual Studio.

It is easier to build using visual studio although I like to keep things simple and automated as far as possible. It reduces human error and makes it less prone to error while building, deploying and packaging. I have used native build & packaging, BTDF, MSBuild for project deployment and packaging. In my current assignment I had limited freedom initially and I decided to simplify process further without installing or configuring anything. That resulted use of batch file.

I have added another directory for BizTalk Deployment on server side. Please check BizTalkDeployment directory. You can copy this directory along with the files it has to server. Include BizTalk rules, MSI, DLLs to directory for deployment.

This is old technique but still quite useful which we tend to sideline. I am trying to create a framework out of it for general usage. Hope this helps everyone and feels simple to use.

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